Our trip through the English countryside in the summer of 2017 left Jess and I terribly moved by the juxtaposition of its profound beauty with its deep and often troubled history. Reminders of the long human inhabitation of Britain are everywhere, punctuated by driving down a hedgerow hemmed lane only to round a corner into an eleventh century churchyard. A photograph that Jess took as we drove through the Linconshire village of Stoke Rocheford inspired this composition. The location in some ways doesn’t matter, because it is not singularity that I depict. I call it “Continuity.” Partly out of the ironic pairing of the idyllic English landscape with its blood soaked history, somehow enduring intact in spite of it. The viewer sits at grave depth for a reason. But also continuity in setting headstones ranging from left to right late 20c to late 18c, Great War crosses in between. Sunny and rather dark all the same. 36″ x 36″ oil on canvas.


For pricing and availability check out the painting price list page.

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